Have less meetings and more parties with some of our scrumptious cakes. Sticky toffee, chocolate fudge, smooth banana and zingy lemon are just some of the flavours that have made it into our cake selection. Looking for something more personal, why not order a custom-made cake in store with our friendly folk behind the counter.
 Who said sausage rolls have to be humdrum? We’ve spiced ours up with a bit of added zing. Why not try our deliciously sweet chilli or savoury curry sausage rolls for something that little bit different. Even our original sausage rolls are that little bit out of the ordinary, with a secret ingredient that makes them oh-so-delicious and incredibly more-ish. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.   Have a sausage roll craving but can’t make it to your local Ashers? Fret not! Our sausage rolls are now available in your local Tescos. Now that’s a relief.
 Feeling a little under the weather? Nothing can brighten up your day quite like a deliciously chilled Valencia square or a light and fluffy cream filled doughnut. Go on and see for yourself. Looking for a quick and easy dessert with a bit of pizzazz? Try our vanilla slices topped with fresh fruit and a light dusting of icing sugar. Serve chilled to create a refreshingly light dessert for a summers evening.
 From the new peanut butter slices and raspberry ruffles to the old faithfuls - snowballs, fifteens and caramel squares, there is something for everyone. The perfect treat to wash down with a steaming brew.